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The Viennese Ball tradition started when Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790) decided to open the ballroom of the Hofburg Palace to the public. During the Congress of Vienna in 1814 there were brilliant balls and receptions - and these public dances became very popular. Since then, the Viennese Ball tradition has spread around the world and become synonymous with international glamour, romantic elegance and prestige.

From New York to Moscow, Viennese balls have earned the accolade of being a social landmark in the various cities where they are staged. Viennese Balls are an unique experince wherever in the world they are taking place – and our experice and knowlege coming right from the source of Viennese Tradition can make the difference between just a "Dance" and a real Viennese Ball.

Everything you need ...

We have everything you need ...

✔ General Conception & Programming A detailed schedule must take many things into account: The type and possibilities offered by a location, dramaturgical coordination of all scheduled performances, the harmonious integration of the menus in the course of the evening, etc. Only with a lot of experience and regard of various options herein the desired "perfect "evening will succeed.

✔ Musical & Artistic Concept / Conductor
The right dance-music is the key to success for any Viennese Ball. We can provide the best conductors who have grown up in Viennese Music Tradition and set musically the right mood for every moment of the evening.

✔ Opening Ceremony & Special Performances
The opening ceremony includes a large number of young couples, dressed in black and white, who perform a polonaise and opening waltz. The Opening can also include a brief opera, ballet, or orchestral performance. The Soloists from Vienna State Opera are famous not only for their wonderful voices but also for their perfect knowledge of Viennese Style.

✔ Dance Master / Master of Ceremonies
The Dance Master plays a very important role at every Viennese Ball. He leads the dance-fomations during the opening ceremony, announces "Alles Walzer" or 'Everybody Waltz!' - the traditional signal to let the first waltz begin, and he calls out the steps during the Midnight-Quadrille.

✔ Solo-Dancers (Vienna State Opera Ballet)
In collaboration with the Association of the Vienna State Opera Ballet we offer special shows by the dancers that are famous from the the annual broadcasts of the New Years Concert and the Vienna Opera Ball.

✔ Orchestra (from 8 to 80 musicians)
The renowned Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna specializes in Viennese music and the Viennese classic, has extensive experience in working with solo artists and performs in concerts and balls throughout the globe.

✔ Scores / Orchestra Material
Our huge library contains scores and orchestra material of all the best-known and loved viennese dance-music for all kinds of ensembles.